About Me


Hey there, my name is Caidin, and I’m a developer/illustrator with a passion for using my skills to do a “net good” in the world!  Whether it’s making educational games to simultaneously express myself and teach, or working on software to aid researchers in their studies and analysis, I am most fulfilled when I feel that the projects I’m working on can help someone.  At the end of the day, that’s what I want most out of life. 

I’m an alumnus of Northeastern University, having graduated in 2016 with a BS in Computer Science and Game Design.  My specialty in school was creating games for change, including my projects Enoru-Eco and Threads (mobile).  Enoru-Eco was a project aimed at educating neurotypical people about various neurotypes and the concept of neurodiversity, with a secondary aim of providing positive representation for myself and others who feel that there aren’t enough characters in games that are truly like them in how they think and interact with the world.  Threads (the mobile version) was created to introduce players to the concept of gender and sexuality spectrums, particularly sexualities and gender identities that players may have been unfamiliar with or had misconceptions about.  Similar to Enoru-Eco, a secondary goal of this game was to provide representation for people who, again like me, want to see characters who identify the way they do in games.  Representation in games is just as important to me as educating the general public about these concepts.


I am currently a web developer at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working primarily as an app developer on the website clue.io, a tool for researchers and analysts to apply our data to their hypotheses.  I didn’t even know JavaScript until I was hired for my first co-op at Broad (I learned it my first week on the job), and it’s become my language of choice!  JavaScript, HTML/Jade, and CSS/SASS have become my go-to tools for tackling development challenges that come up in my job and beyond.

For my life outside of work, as expected I’m pretty into video games!  My favorite is Spyro the Dragon (original trilogy is best, but anything that’s got Spyro in it is bound to get my attention), and that and the Kingdom Hearts series are what inspired me to study game design in the first place.  These games are a huge part of my life, and have influenced how I design characters and worlds for my work.


I’m also pretty interested in reptiles and herpetology, I recently adopted my first snake and I’m already planning out a future reptile room.  Not only are reptiles fascinating for their many shapes, sizes, color patterns, and biological niches, they are also wonderful inspiration for drawing, at least they are for me.  I’m currently working on an informational zine involving reptiles (tentatively called Gender Sneks and Love Lizards) that I’m hoping to publish soon, so stay tuned!